Pottery was first introduced into our family by Jamie de Guzman, a potter and painter well known in the Philippines and was passed onto through his many children and wife who took upon the art. They've spent years perfecting their craft and finding the right glazes, clays, and mixtures to do the job along with wood working and other forms of art such as painting. 

Francisco de Guzman

Francisco de Guzman (15) is one of the newest potters to the family and main head of social media and marketing. He's practiced pottery ever since he was 5 and is the potter behind Seattle Pottery Skulls, Happy Surfers, assists in glazing and does sculpting. Hes taken on many hobbies such as studying martial arts, archery, graphic arts and language studying. If you'd like to contact him to set up a meeting or reach him by social media all of the links will be in our ''About'' tab 


James de Guzman

James de Guzman is responsible for all of the jars and vases created on this page aswell as being the main carver, glaze mixer and thrower for all of our jars. He manages kiln working and supplies aswell as fathering Francisco de Guzman and being one of the many sons of Anne de Guzman. He took on pottery at a young age and first used it as a way to make a living in the Philippines and then carried it over to the states. 


Anne de Guzman

Anne de Guzman moved to the Philippines and took on pottery along with Jamie de Guzman. She later moved back to the states along with her son James de Guzman and continued on the art along with painting, sewing, and other arts. Shes taught at Summit ( now Jane Addams ) k-12 and other schools for many years. Shes now retired but continues to make most of the cups , tea sets and other sculptures.