-We do not directly ship by UPS or Fedex since a lot of our products are too large to ship under their regulations. 

-You can set up a place to have us physically deliver you're product to you if you live in at most 45 minutes away.

-Another way to get your product is dropping by a event or one of our shows listed in the ''events'' tab and come to it as most online products are also displayed in our shows

-You can directly come pick your purchase up, however you must send an email, call, text, or message on social media saying what day and time works for you to come by. If you do not first send a notification letting us know you will not be let it in

-All of our products are hand made, hand glazed, carved and kiln fired with no molds, aswell as no mass production or copying. All of our products such as jars, vases, cups, tea pots and bowls are all safe to eat food from and non toxic


Get in touch!

If you'd like to reach us just use any of our contacts below!( If no one picks up refer to the 206-724-144 number as Francisco is always on stand by for calls, if there is no answer then feel free to email or message)


Francisco de Guzman: 206-724-1444

James de Guzman: 206-790-4381

Anne de Guzman:206-852-2785



Francisco's: _fran.tastic_

Company: seattlepotteryskulls

Francisco de Guzman *
Francisco de Guzman
I'm here to help set up any meetings or drop offs or negotiate sales with any of our customers! Just find any of the ways to contact me and i'll get back to you within the blink of an eye. Just enter in your info so we can get to you
This is where you type in your request or purchase and tell us the best way to get it to you